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MH Silverman & Associates LLP Auditing for Athletes and the Entertainment Industry

About Us

It’s the same old story. An athlete or entertainer put his or her finances in the hands of a “trusted” advisor who takes advantage of the naivety of their inexperienced clients and breaches their fiduciary duty by defrauding them.

The list of defrauded people reads like a roster of Hall of Famers and Oscar award winners. From seasoned veterans to rookies, no sport or craft is immune to fraud. All are at risk. While athletes and entertainers have been getting much smarter about their finances, the crucial function is still missing. That function is an audit or better known as a WATCHDOG. Who is watching your “trusted” advisors? Who is making sure they are doing everything they should be doing and making sure they are not doing things that they should not be?

That is why Marc Silverman founded MH Silverman & Associates LLP.

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman is a former audit partner with the Big 4 accounting firm, Ernst & Young LLP. He has 20 years experience auditing public companies providing investors and shareholders the assurance that the financial statements of the public companies are accurate. He has extensive experience in auditing financial statements, benefits plans, contract compliance, earn out agreements and internal controls. Marc is a certified public accountant and an associate member of the certified fraud examiners.

MH Silverman & Associates LLP will be your WATCHDOG.

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